How To Increase Traffic To Your Website | Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020

    How to get high traffic to your website
    How to get high traffic to your website

    25 Ways To Generate High Traffic On The Website In 2020

    It is an outstanding piece of information only for you. This is not a storytelling post, so it's going to be short, it's going to have topics from point to point that will provide you with the details you want. You'll learn how to raise traffic to your website today. 

    Nobody will ever stop you from getting to the top if you obey those moves. Here are 25 ways of improving traffic to your website in 2020.

    Steps to Follow:

    ·        Use modifiers and catchy title tags
    ·        Use Headlines with Popular Keywords
    ·        Use the LSI keyword
    ·        Use H1, H2, and H3 Tags
    ·        Use relevant and targeted keywords
    ·        Use multimedia in blog posts
    ·        Image Optimization
    ·        SEO friendly URL
    ·        Internal linking and back-linking
    ·        Publish long and quality content
    ·        Ensure Responsive Web Design
    ·        Regular updates and improvements to your website
    ·        Mobile-friendly website
    ·        Speed ​​up your website (loading time)
    ·        Data Analytics
    ·        Posting and sharing on social media
    ·        Stay active on social media (stay busy online)
    ·        Submit your content to aggregator websites
    ·        Advertisement
    ·        Guest Blogging
    ·        Start Email Marketing
    ·        Answering on Quora
    ·        Commenting on other websites
    ·        Host a Cheap Competition (Provide Free Course)

    Let's see how to use those free strategies to get high traffic to your websites.

1.  Use Modifiers and Attractive Title Tag:

    Modifiers and Title Tag
    Modifiers and Title Tag
    The title tag is nothing, but it's a word that brings tourists extra interest. This must be anywhere between 55 and 70 characters. The purpose of the Title tag is to determine the web page title. Title tags should be clickable titles that are shown on the results page of the SERP search engine.

    For search engines, a modification is used to provide specific search results. Using a multiplier you can pay extra attention and get a higher CTR click-through rate. To boost your SEO, as well as your conversion, a modification is used. It is used in ranking, too.

    2.  Use Headlines With Popular Keywords:

    To draw attention and get more CTR you should use eye-catching headlines. You should also use specific keywords when writing headlines to hit the highest clicks and get to top. The caption should be so pleasing that everybody wants to open on a page.

    3.  Use LSI Keywords:

    LSI Keywords
    LSI Keywords
    LSI stands for Lent Semantic Indexing, a framework search engine used to evaluate people using other terms around a given subject. LSI keywords are often synonymous with targeted keywords. When looking for specific keywords in search engines we can assume that LSI keywords are words that are correlated with high-value content.

    4.  Use H1, H2, and H3 Tags:

      H1, H2, and H3 Tag
    H1, H2, and H3 Tag
    For your posts, you can also use Headings, Sub Headings because these contain keywords that will be very helpful for you to rate your website. You can also use the tags H1, H2, and H3, for the same purpose. This will help to advance your content.

    5.  Use Relevant and Targeted Keywords:

    You should also use specific keywords when writing the text. This should not be any other subject's material. That should, of course, be related to the issue you are writing about.

    Target keywords are used to top off your content. Often use keywords that are high in volume and have low competition. Target keywords are common keywords that help promote your post.

    6.  Use Multimedia In Blog Post

    More multimedia content should always be used for your web site. This not only keeps your site attractive but also allows SEO to share your content on social media sites as well as inspiring people.

    You should also be targeting long-tailed keywords to get a high response. If you are using multimedia, you can always give it a called caption. The caption given to it can rank both your site and your multimedia posts.

    7. Image Optimization: 

    Image optimization plays a key role in optimizing SEO. Close to millions of people use Google Images to search the web and explore content. The most open possibility of modification is the image filename itself. You can carefully pick certain targeted keywords in the filename of the image, so it will help optimize the SEO.

    The title attribute and the height of the image boost to build the user interface and page relevance. It also helps to rate photos higher in the quest and all factors in the ranking. In the case of image links, these attributes also include references to the destination page to search engines. Besides this, ranking always helps. You should also use photos in JPEG format because they are more SEO-friendly than the file in PNGs and that will help you rank higher.

    8.  Seo Friendly URL:

    SEO Friendly URL
    SEO Friendly URL

    This should be URL friendly if we're writing some blog or material. URLs are very important to any process, such as web site development, blog writing, etc. Essentially, when you create a web page, SEO Friendly URLs are, then you do need a URL, the URL for which you should use the targeted keyword and this should be according to the algorithm of the search engine.

    You should always use the main keyword when determining the URL, and this should also be short. This helps you get the full views and hit your content.

    10.  Publish Long and Quality Content:

    Your content should be of high quality, offering something useful, meaningful to your audience, and you think it will really benefit people. With high-quality posts, you can always build a high content of more than 2000 characters.

    Quantity doesn't matter with any blog or post but there are plenty of consistency issues. Your content should be strong, and long. Publishing excellent and high-quality content definitely will help you increase traffic to your site.

    11.  Ensure Responsive Webdesign:

    Ensure sure the responsive website is in line with user behavior, so users can respond to your website. Respond to your content, use basic formatting, use paragraphs, set the first breakpoint, decrease the text size and more. It will be mobile-friendly, and it will be user-friendly. The best sensitive Web design ideas are:

    ·        Mobile and desktop friendly design

    ·        Plan your design and layout first

    ·        Using Navigate

    ·        Image optimization

    ·        Check mobile/desktop visibility

    ·        Add keyboard trigger form

    ·        Use clickable buttons

    ·        Use a responsive framework

    12.  Regular Update and Improve Your Website:

    To make sure your website looks attractive, you should update your sites regularly. If there are any changes, be sure to update it first, try to improve your website, this will help you rank it at the top. For better SEO results, you should update your site daily.

    By creating fresh content, it improves your CTR (click-through rate). It also improves your content accuracy. By updating and upgrading your websites, you get an opportunity to get a higher ranking based on the content provided.

    13.  Mobile-Friendly Website:

    Your website should be very responsive, provide information that is easy for users to find. You should always include a meta tag so that the size of your button is sufficient to work on mobile. Use a larger font size and compress your images.

    Finally, check if your website is safe for users to visit, enter the URL of your page to see how your page scores. To get success in your business, you should design a mobile-friendly website.

    14.  Increase Your Website Speed (Loading Time)

      Website Loading Speed
    Website Loading Speed
    The first impression of your website is its speed. If you want to give your website a high rank, then the speed of your website should be only between 2 to 3 seconds. The most disappointing thing on the website is the low speed of that website.

    15. Data Analytics:

    Data analytics will help you cover the fundamentals of analytics, its various tools and the career path for the same. In today's business world, data analysis helps to make decisions more scientific and helps businesses to operate more effectively.

    The process of data analysis is data requirements, data collection, data processing, data cleaning, and exploratory data analysis. The job of data analytics is to gather all the information on any website such as multiple impressions, user interactions, per-click, locations from which visitors are entangled, the number of users re-visited, the price per click, demographics, etc.

    16.  Posting and Sharing On Social Media:

    There are many submission directories to submit your content, and you can also get maximum visits to your website. By providing your blog on a separate aggregator website, you are promoting your content in front of thousands of different people. If your content is excellent, it will usually rise to the top, leading to even more exposure. There are many blog aggregator websites available, and most of them are free, but there are also some that charge an upfront fee or deposit fee to submit your blog post or website link.

    17. Stay active on social media (stay busy online):

    Engaging online can boost your content by posting it online on social media platforms. You should share your content with your friends, comment and reply to them. Connecting online can mean a lot by sharing posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora and more. Regularly sharing content on social media can help you a lot. The more you stay engaged online, the more visitors will visit your website.

    18. Submit your content on the aggregator website:

    There are many submission directories to submit your content, and you can also get maximum visits to your website. By providing your blog on a separate aggregator website, you are promoting your content in front of thousands of different people. 

    content writing

    If your content is excellent, it will usually rise to the top, leading to even more exposure. There are many blog aggregator websites available, and most of them are free, but there are also some that charge an upfront fee or deposit fee to submit your blog post or website link.


    Social media advertising, display advertising, and paid advertising are a great way to attract visitors to your website.

    Advertisements are paid messages sponsored by businesses that want to promote their products or services. Promotional messages are called advertisements or advertisements. The main goal of advertising is to reach the maximum audience who are willing to buy that product or service. The purpose of advertising is to get specific users who are actively searching for those products and services. Advertising is a concise and paid way to get maximum visitors in the minimum time frame, and it also helps with conversion rates.

    20.  Guest Blogging:

    Guest blogging is the best way to market your content by writing and publishing on third party websites. Guest blogging helps to share your content and maintain relationships, risks, and rights.

    Guest blogging improves your social media shares and increases traffic to your website. Guest blogging is the most important strategy to develop your business and allow you to interact with new people.

    21.  Start Email Marketing:

    You can connect with your audience with the help of email marketing. Email marketing helps you to promote your brand and increase your sales. Through email marketing, you can sell your products, send a newspaper, tell a story, etc.

    Most email marketing is used by many companies as B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer) to interact with customers. Two things matter in email marketing, it is more open rate and more clicks. Some email service providers (ESP) are:

    ·        Mailchimp

    ·        Aweber

    ·        Send in blue

    ·        Drip

    22.  Answering On Quora:

    Quora is one of the most important platforms of social media, here you can answer a question asked by many people or even you can ask a question. If you have a question related to your content, you can solve it by providing a link to your website. The more you engage on quora, the more traffic you will be increasing on your site. Quora is one of the best platforms to increase traffic to a website.

    23.  Commenting On Other's Websites:

    Commenting on other websites will keep you busy, and others will let you know more. In saying this, you should always appreciate the website of others. Saying on another site can also be useful to increase traffic to your website.

    24.  Host A Giveaway Contest (Provide Free Courses):

    Giveaway Contest
    Giveaway Contest

    It can increase followers and promote the website. Cheaper is a great way to promote your website and attract maximum users. This giveaway contest is a type of contest where users see offers given to them such as free courses, free webinars, free coupons, etc. This allows the contestant to click on those links or buttons so that you can get more engagement rates on your websites.

    25.  Competitor Analysis:

    Competitor Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    You should always research competitors, which means that you should always try to stay ahead of them. To get to the top rankings, you should always look at what other people are writing in your content, or you should look at all the high-ranking keywords that are used by your competitors. Researching your competitor can get you to the top knowing the important point in your content.

    These were the different ways to learn "how to increase traffic to your website in 2020. You should follow those steps as it was mentioned above.


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