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 Increase Website traffic free

Increase Website Traffic Free

If you are not familiar with website traffic right now, you should know about how to generate high traffic to your website for free within 20 days or less

Suppose you have a service, business, or a blog to do whatever you got to get people to your website, you got to get people in front of your content, you know that you are looking for your offers and all can offer good stuff but get the people in front of your content that you found and the best way to actually do that is to get yourself on page 1 of Google. 

So you know about some other search engines but Google knows 80 percent of all traffic. So when people work online, they go directly to Google and they start typing "how do you stop", "how to do it", "you know what it is" all kinds of different Keywords are what people search for with Google right now.

You can actually see Google's data on the top keywords being searched. You know all the information, they give out that information because they want people to buy ads on Google.

So the exact question is, how to Increase Website Traffic Free within 20 days or less?

How to get free high traffic to your website

Okay, what do you do, you go to Google's keyword tool. Inside Google, go to the Keyword Tool and once you get there, you can find keywords that are very searchable. Now when you think of keywords you can think of a word like fitness or health. They are one-word keywords.

For example: If you type "Increase Traffic On Website Free" on Google, you will also write seven words in that string, but this is a keyword. So, when you're creating content for your blog or for your website, that entire string is your keyword, so you should be able to use that term strategically within your content because when Google's Spiders visit your website. They are going to your website and they are going to crawl your website.

Increase Traffic On Website Free

They are going to see your content and they are going to try to rank that content inside Google, but what they need to do is they need to find out what the keyword is. So they need to be able to put it in the right place so that when someone comes into their index, they can show your link.

Now the great thing about a long-tail keyword is how to get free website traffic or how to generate free targeted website traffic within 20 days or less. There is usually not much competition so that you can rank very well and you can get fair and very quick on Google's page. If you think of fitness then you cannot rank for the word fitness or earn money online. It will be almost impossible for you to rank long-tailed keywords inside Google with seven-word or six-word things that are easy to rank because there is not much competition. No one is trying to build content around it.

How to generate high traffic to your website for free within 20 days or less

So when you write a blog post, make sure that the keyword is in the title. The keyword should definitely be in the title. When you create a piece of content then your first paragraph on the content has your keyword in that paragraph and if there is an image inside your content, make sure the image is fully tagged. So the search engines are going to look at the alt tag and they will see the image and they will see what the title is or what is the name of this image that you want to use. They will see if the keyword in that alt tag is correct.

This is all very helpful if you are using WordPress, it is a kind of easy task. If you are creating content, then inside the paragraph you should use the right keywords inside that content. Always make sure that you spread your keywords to your content only because when search engines come to your website, they need to be able to spider your content and they need to rank it and get it on page one. It is absolutely crazy to be on page one now. 

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How To Get "Free Targeted Website Traffic"

Therefore, you should be careful while searching for keywords, keywords should not have high competition. You should select keywords with high volume and low competition. If you create your content, you actually find a long-tail keyword and there is not much competition and at the same time, you structure your content well with the keywords there. You are not going to have any problems with search engines or Google.

Over time you are going to start getting free targeted website traffic from other sources because it happens that a ton of alternative search engines come out of there and what they do is they just use Google's index to build their search engine What happens if you go to Google, you get indexed and get ranked. If there are a ton of other websites, they grab your links and they put them in their index and try to build their search engine, so you get good traffic from other sources. That's really how you're going to get free targeted website traffic from your website okay, so just get your keywords and make the title using that keyword.

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