5 Apps That Pay $200 A Day

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Make even more money online. You can download this free app right now inside the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. And you can start making money by uploading photos. I know it sounds crazy. You can earn money from photos that are already inside your smartphone. Once you upload a photo to this app, users will give it a rating between one to five. And so now if your photo gets a rating of four or more, it will be placed inside the market for sale.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but many people have lots of good pictures on their phones. So the best thing is to submit your best photos so that you have the opportunity to earn up to $ 5 directly to pay, Pal. Whenever someone downloads and uses your photos from this app. So this is a very good opportunity. There are also missions that you guys can do; missions you can earn up to one dollar per hundred dollars that you submit.

Now, a mission is something where the community is given a specific task or concept when taking a photo, for example, perhaps taking a cool photo of a pair of tennis shoes or a picture of a used car or something like that. Then what you do is you submit that photo to the web site on the app and the winner wins. One hundred dollars. So there are some good opportunities here. The web site you want people to visit is foat.com. Now, go to foat.com and check it out now.

How would you like to make real money with your smartphone just to roam and make videos? Fine. I know it sounds great. You just have to download this app and do various tasks that they give you using your smartphone. So, for example, if you wanted to walk into a store and take pictures of various items or something like that, then different items that are on a shelf inside a store or that would be a picture of your dog or whatever. Or about taking a picture of yourself, tasting different foods and drinks? Even a person on the Google Play Store has earned just seven hundred and twenty dollars by claiming to do these various tasks, taking pictures on his phone. So this is a really good deal. Now, I don't know how legitimate it is, but that's exactly what someone said. So you guys definitely check how much amount you people can earn. Each work costs $ 2 to $ 30 and payments are made directly through your bank or you can send your payment to PayPal.

So now the website you are going to visit is called Fieldagent.net. Now to get the app, to connect with you people. So you just go to the Apple App Store and if you have an iPhone or you just have an Android device then you can only go to the Google Play Store. Now, let's go ahead and listen to what other users have to say about using this app.

How would you like Google to pay you to share your opinion about something? Google has a free app right now that claims to pay people only for conducting surveys. Now, basically, Google helps brands and companies provide better services to customers by being people like you and I share our opinions about the various products and services that are out there. Now, there are two ways to earn it. You can use their app or you can also use their audience management system on the web site, or you can only use both when selecting a survey.

So how much money can you guys make? Okay, the salary maybe a little better, folks, but you can earn up to $ 1 for every single survey. You will have to repeat this process until there is a sufficient amount of cash inside your account. So this is a great deal to earn some extra cash if you guys want to find out what it is. Go right to Google and type the opinion award. And then you should find the page where you people can click on different buttons to access the application. Download it to your phone and you people can start making a little extra cash.

Another app is Dosh.cash, you have to link your credit card with this app. Real people are getting real results with this app. 

How would you like to pay to watch videos? A lot of us are already watching the video. Okay, you can pay to watch videos and do simple surveys. And when you give your response through your phone they are about to pay you. The great thing about this app is that all the activities you do; are going to give you directions on PayPal.

Now, the last app is called Smartpanel.io. Now you can find more information about it on Smartpanel.io or you can just go to Google Play Store. Yes, unfortunately, it is not available for iPhone at the moment, but you can go to the Google Play store and search for the smart app and then you will find it right there.



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